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Compass Christian Infidelity Counseling


Compassionate Therapy for the One Who Cheated

How do I forgive myself for cheating?

If you are the person who strayed you may have lots of questions as well. How can I become trustworthy again? How do I prove myself to my partner? Did I ruin my marriage?

Will my spouse ever forgive me?

Or maybe you are wrestling with the guilt and confusion as you wonder if you'll ever be happy again if you choose to stay and try to work things out with your spouse. Your head and your heart are pulling you in opposite directions and you just don't know what to do.

Talking about your concerns, fears, and doubts might seem incredibly risky and even frightening. But it can help you give you clarity and peace. Infidelity and betrayal counseling can be a very helpful option for you right now.

You may feel like you don't deserve to be heard. But you do.

And you do not have to walk through this alone.

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