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Fernandina Beach Therapist for Women Facing Infertility and Pregnancy Loss


Find the Support You Need to Help You Manage the Grief of Infertility 

Struggling with infertility issues and pregnancy loss is confusing and difficult. Trying to conceive can put a lot of strain on even the most solid relationships, and the ache of empty arms can feel overwhelming. You may feel lonely and left out, and this compounds your grief. Grief therapy provides a safe space to talk about your fears, disappointments, and perhaps anger, with a trusted counselor. This can help to reduce the likelihood of developing Complicated Grief, a serious and debilitating condition that requires extensive therapy.

I am here to listen. You will have a safe space to talk about everything with me. 

Counseling for Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

The pain of losing a baby is like none other and the grief can be consuming and overwhelming. Counseling can help you cope with the grief and take gentle steps toward healing. It's vitally important to have a safe and sacred space to talk about your baby, to honor your baby's life. You don't have to do any of this alone, please reach out if you are struggling with grief and loss. I am here to help.

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