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Compass Christian Life Coaching compress



Coaching isn't just about marketing strategies and business's about YOU!

It's about helping you understand yourself better, improving your relationships, paying attention to your dreams, and yes, identifying and setting goals. As a mental health counselor and therapist, I understand how the messages we tell ourselves influence our feelings of value and worth.


What messages are you telling yourself?

Together we will explore how you set and maintain boundaries, your sleep hygiene, habits that are helping...and those that may not be so helpful, your overall wellness, activities, passions and goals. In my therapy work I treat individuals in a holistic manner that supports the integral connection between mind, body, and spirit; my approach to coaching is very similar. You are a complex and unique person and should be treated as such. 

Schedule an initial Welcome Intake Appointment to get started, and you can choose to follow up with standard (50 min) or brief (25 min) personalized sessions to fit your busy life. 

Sometimes a little clarity is all it takes to set your vision and dreams in motion. Call today to learn how!

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